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Create professional questionnaires and forms.

Create contact or ordering forms on your web and e-mail and collect all the received answers in a connected database.

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Generate leads

Thanks to integrating the forms with sales tools, all the leads are recorded in the Leads module, where you can work with them further.

Receive feedback from customers

Through the forms, you will get valuable feedback and, at the same time, keep in touch with clients. Thanks to the connection with the entire system, you can display the form only to a specific group of customers and thus obtain relevant answers.

Automate the contact creation

Save time and automate the creation of contacts from received answers using the Contacts module. Thanks to pre-defined tags and statuses, you can evaluate the answers in an instant.

WYSIWYG form generator

With the option of including them on the web or in e-mail.

Integration with sales tools

Integration with the sales tools and automated generation of leads and other elements.

Versatile use

Easy gathering of feedback, orders, reservations, registrations, ratings and lots of others.

Categorization of answers

Management and coordination of answers using personal and shared tags.