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Have all the essential information on hand.

Work with data and information from several modules and applications in one place. You can then share interactive data dashboards with your colleagues and clients.

Screenshot of the module Dashboards

Create overviews for any opportunity

Create overviews to suit your immediate needs – e.g., for individual projects, orders, meetings, years, quarters, and others.

Focus on productivity

The dashboard will enable you to quickly access the modules to create the task, note, event, or work report right inside one dashboard (on one page).

Modifiable and for everyone

Dashboards are also available for individual users – each employee has an opportunity to create their dashboard and set it up exactly as they need.

Interactive and live data

Dashboards are interactive and get synchronized in real time.

Personalized layout

Individual aspects of the dashboard – e.g. their placement or size – are easy to set up.

Integration of data from several modules

Interconnected data from several modules in one clear place.

Tools for team cooperation

Cooperate in a module and delegate tasks with the overview of changes and comments.