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Business offers

Make business offers they can’t refuse.

Prepare your business offers for success. Simply automate the monitoring of important dates, divide the work among colleagues and gain control over the success of offers and their profitability.

Screenshot of the module Business offers

Improve your pricing model

Integration with the modules of project management, production, and warehouses can help you anticipate and evaluate the costs of the orders, calculate the return on your investment and create price estimates.

Share important information

Cooperate on offers as a team and share access to important information with selected salespeople and clients.

Maximize your chance for success

Offer the client the best possible conditions, thanks to the information from the Contacts module you can create ideal tailor-made offers.

Part of the sales process

Automated integration with the modules of the sales process, for example Business orders, Business opportunities, Business offers and Purchases.

Easy-to-track business offer process

Gain complex overview of the offering process using both system statuses and your own.

Automated notifications

Always have an overview thanks to the intelligent notifications – both on desktop and mobile.

Analytics for success rate of business offers and salesmen

Support the decisions when preparing offers and price offers with easy-to-view gathered data and analytics.

Integration with other modules

Automated integration with other modules across the system, including Contacts, Products, stocks, Graphs and others.

Tools for team cooperation

Work together within a module and delegate the tasks with the overview of the changes and comments.