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Twitch Triggers / Actions

Get a head start with our Twitch integration templates or create your own

Watch Clips

Triggers when there is a new clip for the games you follow.

Watch Bans/Unbans

Triggers when a user is banned or unbanned from your channel.

Watch Followers

Triggers when a user follows a specified channel.

Watch Channel Updates

Triggers when a specified channel is updated.

Watch Cheers

Triggers when a user cheers on your channel.

Watch Goals

Triggers when you start, end or make a progress on the goal.

Watch Moderators

Triggers when a user has moderator privileges given or removed on your channel.

Watch Polls

Triggers when a poll begins, ends or is responded by a user on your channel.

Watch Predictions

Triggers when a prediction begins, ends, or is locked or when a user particiate in a prediction on your channel.

Watch Raids

Triggers when a user raids a specified channel and vice versa.

Watch Rewards/Redemptions

Triggers when a channel points reward (redemption) is created, updated or removed on your channel.

Watch Streams

Triggers when a specified channel starts or ends a stream.

Watch Subscriptions

Triggers when a subscription event occurs on your channel.

Update a Channel

Updates your channel.

Get Number of Follows/Followers

Retrieves the total number of follows/followers for a specified user/channel.

Get a Video

Gets a specified video.

Get a Channel

Gets a specified Channel.

Delete a Video

Deletes a video.

Check Your Subscription

Checks if you subscribe to a specified channel.

Block/Unblock a User

Blocks or unblocks a user.

List Channel Editors

Retrieves a list of your channel editors.

List Channel Subscribers

Retrieves a list of your channel subscribers.

List Channel Teams

Retrieves a list of channel teams.

List Channel Videos

Retrieves a list of channel's videos.

List Clips

Retrieves a list of clips.

List Followed Streams

Retrieves a list of followed streams.

List Streams

Retrieves a list of active streams.

List Top Games

Retrieves a list of top games sorted by number of current viewers on Twitch.

List Follows/Followers

Retrieves a list of user/channel's follows or followers.

Search Users

Searches for users by username.

List Your Block Lists

Retrieves a list of your block lists.

Search Channels

Searches for channels by query parameter.

Search Games

Searches for games by query parameter.

14-day trial | No credit card required