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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your Solana data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

Integrate Solana with thousands of other apps in a few clicks.

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Solana Triggers / Actions (16)

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Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authroized API call.

Get the Current Transaction Count

Returns the current Transaction count from the ledger.

Get a Transaction

Returns transaction details for a confirmed transaction.

Get a Token's Supply

Returns the total supply of an SPL Token type.

Get the Ledger's Lowest Slot

Returns the lowest slot that the node has information about in its ledger.

Get an Account's Token Balance

Returns the token balance of an SPL Token account.

Get the Current Slot

Returns the slot that has reached the given or default commitment level.

Get the Highest Snapshot Slot

Returns the highest slot information that the node has snapshots for.

Get the Inflation Rate

Returns the specific inflation values for the current epoch.

Get the Inflation Governor

Returns the current inflation governor.

Get the Genesis Hash

Returns the genesis hash.

Get the Epoch Schedule

Returns epoch schedule information from this cluster's genesis config.

Get the Epoch Info

Returns information about the current epoch.

Get the Block Time

Returns the estimated production time of a block.

Get the Block Height

Returns the current block height of the node.

Get an Account's SOL Balance

Returns the SOL balance of the account of provided Pubkey.

14 days trial
No credit card required