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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your Paystack data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

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Paystack Triggers / Actions (61)

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Watch Customer Identifications

Triggers when a new customer identification event (success or failed) occurs.

Watch Disputes

Triggers when a new dispute event (created, reminder or resolved) occurs.

Watch Invoices

Triggers when a new invoice event (created, updated or failed) occurs.

Watch Payment Requests

Triggers when a new payment request event (pending or successful) occurs.

Watch Subscriptions

Triggers when a new subscription event (created or disabled) occurs.

Watch Transactions

Triggers when transaction was successful.

Watch Transfers

Triggers when a new transfer event (successful, reversed or failed) occurs.

Add an Evidence

Adds an evidence for a dispute.

Archive an Invoice

Archives an invoice.

Create a Customer

Creates a customer.

Create a Dedicated Account

Creates a dedicated NUBAN and assigns it to a customer.

Create an Invoice

Creates an invoice for a payment.

Create a Product

Creates a product.

Create a Refund

Initiates a refund.

Create a Subscription

Creates a subscription.

Deactivate an Authorization

Deactivates an authorization when the card needs to be forgotten.

Deactivate a Dedicated Account

Deactivates a dedicated account.

Disable a Subscription

Disables a subscription.

Enable a Subscription

Enables a subscription.

Export Disputes

Exports disputes that are available on your integration.

Get a Customer

Fetches a customer.

Get a Dedicated Account

Fetches a dedicated account.

Get a Dispute

Gets more details about a dispute.

Get a Product

Gets more details of a product.

Get a Refund

Gets details of a refund.

Get a Subscription

Gets details of a subscription.

Get a Transfer

Gets details of a transfer.

Finalize an Invoice

Finalizes a draft invoice.

Finalize a Transfer

Finalizes an initiated transfer.

Get an Upload URL

Gets URL to upload a dispute evidence.

Generate an Update Subscription Link

Generates a link for updating the card on a subscription.

Charge an Authorization

Charges an authorization.

Check an Authorization

Checks an authorization. All Mastercard and Visa authorizations can be checked with this endpoint to know if they have funds for the payment you seek. This feature is only available to businesses in Nigeria. Warning! You shouldn't use this endpoint to check a card for sufficient funds if you are going to charge the user immediately. This is because we hold funds when this endpoint is called which can lead to an insufficient funds error.

Initialize a Transaction

Initializes a transaction.

Initiate a Transfer

Initiates a transfer. Status of transfer object returned will be pending if OTP is disabled. In the event that an OTP is required, status will read OTP.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Register a Domain

Registers a top-level domain or subdomain.

Resolve an Account Number

Confirms that an account belongs to the right customer.

Resolve a Card BIN

Gets more information about a customer's card.

Resolve a Dispute

Resolves a dispute.

Send a Notification

Sends notification of an invoice to your customers.

Send an Update Subscription Link

Emails a customer a link for updating the card on their subscription.

Unregister a Domain

Unregisters a top-level domain or subdomain previously used for your Apple Pay integration.

Update a Customer

Updates a customer's information.

Update an Invoice

Updates an invoice details.

Update a Product

Updates a product details.

Validate a Customer

Validates a customer.

Verify BVN Match

Checks if an account number and BVN are linked.

Verify a Transaction

Verifies a transaction.

Verify a Transfer

Verifies the status of a transfer.

Get an Invoice

Gets details of an invoice.

Whitelist / Blacklist a Customer

Whitelists or blacklists a customer on your integration.

Search Customers

Lists available customers.

Search Dedicated Accounts

Lists available dedicated accounts.

Search Disputes

Lists disputes filed against you.

Search Invoices

Lists the invoices available on your integration.

Search Products

Lists available products.

Search Refunds

Lists available refunds.

Search Subscriptions

Lists available subscriptions.

List Transaction Disputes

Retrieves disputes for a particular transaction.

Search Transfers

Lists the transfers made on your integration.

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