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This platform connects OpenPhone to your existing IT infrastructure, collecting and centralizing data into one comprehensive database. Such centralization is essential for fostering teamwork, automating tasks across different systems, and conducting deep data analyses. Quickly and effortlessly link OpenPhone with a wide array of other applications using


What is OpenPhone for?

OpenPhone is a cloud-based business phone system designed primarily for small businesses and startups. It allows users to set up a dedicated business phone number on their existing devices, enabling them to manage calls, messages, and voicemails separately from their personal communications. This tool is useful for professionalizing business communications, streamlining client interaction, and enhancing team collaboration with features like shared phone numbers, automated texting, and call routing capabilities. OpenPhone helps businesses maintain a professional presence with customers and simplify internal communications among team members.

How to make work with OpenPhone more efficient?

To optimize efficiency across OpenPhone,, and other applications like Salesforce, Trello, and Slack, integrate OpenPhone with for streamlined communication and task management. Automate tasks and notifications within based on OpenPhone messages, centralize communication, minimize distractions with optimized notifications, sync calendars, monitor analytics, and seamlessly integrate with these specific tools. Provide thorough training and support to maximize adoption and utilization of the integrated ecosystem.

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OpenPhone Modules (7)

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Watch Completed Call Recordings

Triggers when a call recording is available at the URL indicated in the event payload.

Watch Completed Calls

Triggers when a call was completed. The call may or may not have been answered.

Watch Created / Updated Contacts

Triggers when a contact was created or updated.

Watch Deleted Contacts

Triggers when a contact was deleted.

Watch Incoming Messages

Triggers when you receive a message.

Watch Outgoing Messages

Triggers when an outbound meesage was delivered to the recipients.

Watch Ringing Calls

Triggers when a call is being received by a workspace phone number.

14 days trial
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