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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your Egnyte data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

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Egnyte Modules (86)

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Watch Bookmarks

Triggers when a new bookmark is created.

Watch Events

Triggers when a new event happen.

Watch Files

Triggers when a new file is added or existing modified in a specific folder.

Watch Groups

Triggers when a new group was added.

Watch Tasks

Triggers when a new task is created.

Watch Users

Triggers when a new user is added.

Watch Events (webhook)

Triggers when a new event is created.

Add a User to a Group

Adds a user to a group.

Change a Task Status

Changes status of a specific task.

Check Audit Report Generation Status

Checks status of a requested audit report generation.

Copy File

Copies file to new folder.

Copy Folder

Copies folder.

Create a File Link

Creates a public file link.

Create a Folder

Creates a new folder.

Create a Folder Link

Creates a public folder link.

Create a Bookmark

Creates a new bookmark on a folder.

Create a Comment

Creates a new comment on a file.

Create a File Audit Report

Creates a file audit report.

Create a Group

Creates a group.

Create a Group Provisioning Audit Report

Creates a group provisioning audit report.

Create a Metadata Key

Adds a metadata key to an existing namespace.

Create a Namespace

Creates a namespace of custom metadata fields for a domain.

Create a Permission Audit Report

Creates a permission audit report.

Create a Task

Creates a new file-related task for a user.

Create a User

Creates a new user.

Create a User Provisioning Audit Report

Creates a user provisioning audit report.

Delete a File

Deletes a file.

Delete a Folder

Deletes a folder.

Delete a Link

Deletes a link.

Delete an Audit Report

Deletes an existing audit report.

Delete a Bookmark

Deletes a specific bookmark.

Delete a Comment

Deletes a specific comment.

Delete a Group

Removes a group.

Delete Items from Trash

Permanently remove up to 10 specified files, folders, and versions from your account's trash.

Delete a Metadata Key

Deletes a metadata key from an existing namespace.

Delete a Namespace

Deletes a specified namespace.

Delete a Task

Deletes a specific task.

Delete a User

Removes a user.

Download File

Downloads a file.

Get a Link

Shows link details.

Get a Bookmark

Gets the details for a specific bookmark.

Get a Comment

Gets details for a specific comment.

Get File's Info

Retrieves details about specific file.

Get Folder's Info

Retrieves details about specific folder.

Get Folder Permissions

Retrieves permission of a specific folder.

Get a Group

This endpoint is used to see which users are in the group and view group attributes.

Get a Namespace

Lists all custom metadata keys that have been created in a given namespace.

Get a Task

Get the details for a specific task.

Get Total Trash Count

This endpoint is used to list the total count of the trash in your domain.

Get a User

Retrieves a single user.

Get Values for a Namespace

Returns the metadata values for a given namespace for a file or folder.

Lock a File

Locks a file.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Modify Folder Options

Modifies the options for folder.

Move File

Moves a file to new folder.

Move Folder

Moves folder.

Remove a User from a Group

Removes a user from a group.

Rename a Group

Renames a group.

Restore Items from Trash

Retrieves up 10 specified files, folders, and versions from the trash.

Set Folder Permissions

Sets new perimissions entries for users or groups on a given folder.

Set Values for a Namespace

Sets a metadata values for given namespace for a file or folder.

Unlock a File

Unlocks a file.

Update Namespace Attributes

Updates the namespace scope or name of a custom metadata for a domain.

Update Namespace Keys

Updates the key definitions of a namespace of custom metadata fields for a domain.

Update a Task

Edits a specific task.

Update a User

Updates a user.

Upload a File

Creates or updates a file.

Create a Login Audit Report

Creates a login audit report.

Get a File Audit Report

Returns file audit report data.

Get a Group Provisioning Audit

Returns group provisioning audit report data.

Get a Login Audit Report

Returns login audit report data.

Get a Permissions Audit Report

Returns permission audit report data.

Get a User Provisioning Audit

Returns user provisioning audit report data.

List Bookmarks

Lists all bookmarks for the authenticated user.

List Comments

Lists all comments for a given file. Administrators can also send a request with no parameters to list all of the comments for that domain.

List Events

Lists all events.

List Files/Subfolders in a Folder

Lists all files/subfolders in a specific folder.

List Groups

Lists all the groups in your domain.

List Links

Retrieves your links.

List Namespaces

Lists all custom metadata namespaces in the domain.

List Recent Files

This endpoint is used to list all recent files for the authenticated user.

List Tasks

Lists all tasks for a given file, or all tasks created by (or assigned to) the user issuing the API request.

List Trash Files

Lists all of the contents of the trash in your domain.

List Users

Retrieves all, or a chosen subset, of users.

Search Files and Folders

Finds content stored in Egnyte based on filenames, metadata, and text content.

Search Metadata

Find items that have a specific metadata field or items that have a field that contains a specific value.

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