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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your Boldem data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

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Boldem Modules (60)

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Watch Transactional E-mail Click

Triggers when a link in a transactional e-mail is clicked.

Watch Transactional E-mail Delivery

Triggers when a transactional e-mail is delivered.

Watch Transactional E-mail Opening

Triggers when a transactional e-mail is opened.

Watch Transactional E-mail Marked as Spam

Triggers when a transactional e-mail is marked as spam.

Watch Transactional E-mail Unsubscribe

Triggers when a contact is unsubscribed through link in a transactional e-mail.

Create Cart

Creates new cart.

Create Contact

Creates new contact.

Create Coupon

Creates new coupon.

Create Coupon Group

Creates new coupon group.

Create Mailing List

Creates new mailing list.

Create Order

Creates new order.

Create Product

Creates new product.

Create Subscribe Request

According to main mailing list setting creates new contact (double opt-in is off) or new subscribe request (double opt-in is on).

Create Unsubscribe

Creates new unsubscribe.

Delete Cart

Deletes a cart.

Delete Contact

Deletes a contact.

Delete Contact by E-mail

Deletes a contact by given e-mail address.

Delete Coupon

Deletes a coupon.

Delete Coupon Group

Deletes a coupon group.

Delete Mailing List

Deletes a mailing list.

Delete Order

Deletes an order.

Delete Product

Deletes a product.

Delete Unsubscribe

Deletes an unsubscribe.

Get Cart

Gets a cart.

Get Contact

Gets a contact.

Get Contact by E-mail

Gets a contact by given e-mail address.

Get Coupon

Gets a coupon.

Get Coupon Group

Gets a coupon group.

Get Mailing List

Gets a mailing list.

Get Product

Gets a product.

Get Subscribe Request

Gets a subscribe request.

Get Transactional E-mail

Gets a transactional e-mail

Get Transactional SMS

Gets a transactional SMS.

Get Unsubscribe

Gets an unsubscribe.

Import Contacts in Bulk

Imports multiple contacts in a bulk. Overwrite mode and preimport action could be specified.

Import Coupons in Bulk

Imports multiple coupons in a bulk.

Import Unsubscribes in Bulk

Imports multiple unsubscribes in a bulk.

Insert Contact into Automation

Inserts contact into existing automation.

Get Order

Gets an order.

Create and Send Transactional E-mail with Template

Creates and sends a transactional e-mail with template asynchronously.

Create and Send Transactional SMS

Creates and sends transactional SMS asynchronously.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Update Cart

Updates existing cart.

Update Contact

Updates existing contact.

Update Coupon

Updates existing coupon.

Update Coupon Group

Updates existing coupon group.

Update Mailing List

Updates existing mailing list.

Update Order

Updates existing order.

Update Product

Updates existing product.

List Carts

Lists carts.

List Contacts

Lists contacts.

List Coupon Groups

Lists coupon groups.

List Coupons

Lists coupons.

List Mailing Lists

Lists mailing lists.

List Orders

Lists orders.

List Products

Lists products

List Subscribe Requests

Lists subscribe requests.

List Transactional E-mails

Lists transactional e-mails

List Transactional SMS

Lists transactional SMS.

List Unsubscribes

Lists unsubscribes.

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No credit card required