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Apollo: Powerful GraphQL API Tool

5 Key Use Cases of Apollo for GraphQL API: Integrations, Caching, Real-time Updates, Performance Monitoring & No-Code Automation is a powerful platform that helps you synchronize data across all your tools and applications, making it easier to manage and analyze your data. By integrating with Apollo, a leading GraphQL API tool, can help you achieve even greater data synchronization and management capabilities. One of the most common use cases for Apollo is real-time data updates. With Apollo, you can subscribe to real-time updates from a GraphQL API, which is essential for applications that require up-to-date information, such as chat applications or real-time dashboards. By integrating Apollo with, you can ensure that all your tools and applications are in sync and receiving real-time updates as they happen. In addition to real-time updates, Apollo also provides a suite of tools and services for building, testing, and deploying GraphQL APIs. This includes data caching and management, performance monitoring and optimization, and integration with a variety of front-end frameworks and libraries. By using and Apollo together, you can take advantage of these powerful tools and services to build, manage, and optimize your data synchronization capabilities.

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Apollo Triggers / Actions (15)

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Watch Updated Contacts

Triggers when an existing contact is updated.

Watch New Accounts

Triggers when a new account is created.

Watch New Contacts

Triggers when a new contact is created.

Create an Account

Creates an account for a company in your database.

Create a Contact

Creates a contact for a person in your database.

Create an Opportunity

Creates records that you can use to track possible deals with your prospective customers.

Create a Task

Creates and assigns a task to a user.

Update an Account

Updates information about the selected account.

Update a Contact

Updates information about the selected contact.

Update an Opportunity

Updates the details of an already existing opportunity.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

List Accounts

Returns a list of accounts.

List Contacts

Returns a list of contacts.

List Opportunities

Returns a list of opportunities.

List Tasks

Returns a list of tasks.

14 days trial
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