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Amplitude: Ultimate User Behavior Tracking

5 Common Use Cases of Amplitude for Data-Driven Decision Making and Optimization: Product Analytics, User Segmentation, A/B Testing, User Onboarding, and Revenue Analytics.

Amplitude is the ultimate user behavior tracking platform that empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions for optimization. With its versatile range of features, Amplitude helps businesses to track user behavior, conduct funnel analysis, and gain insights into user engagement, retention, and conversion rates. The platform provides businesses with a holistic view of their users, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and optimize their product offerings for maximum profitability. By synchronizing data across their toolset using, businesses can streamline their workflow and gain a more comprehensive understanding of their users. One common use case for Amplitude is user segmentation. With Amplitude, businesses can segment their users based on various attributes such as demographics, behavior, and actions. This enables them to create targeted campaigns and personalized experiences for different user groups, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. In addition to user segmentation, Amplitude offers tools for A/B testing, user onboarding, and revenue analytics. With A/B testing, businesses can test and compare different product features, pricing models, and marketing campaigns to identify what works best for their users. User onboarding insights help businesses optimize the user experience, reduce churn, and create a more seamless onboarding process. Revenue analytics provides businesses with a deep understanding of their revenue streams and how different user segments contribute to their bottom line, enabling them to optimize their pricing models and monetization strategies. In summary, by utilizing Amplitude in conjunction with, businesses can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their users, streamline their workflow, and make data-driven decisions for optimization.

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Amplitude Triggers / Actions (23)

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Watch New Annotations

Triggers when a new annotation has been added.

Create an Annotation

Creates an annotation.

Create a Release

Creates a new release.

Get Active and New User Counts

Returns the number of active or new users.

Get an Annotation

Retrieves an annotation specified by ID.

Get Average Session Length

Gets the average session length (in seconds) for each day in the specified date range.

Get Average Sessions per User

Gets the average number of sessions per user on each day in the specified date range.

Get Event Segmentation

Gets metrics for an event with segmentation.

Get Real-Time Active Users

Gets active user numbers with minute granularity for the last two days.

Get Results of a Chart

Retrieves the results of an existing chart.

Get Retention Analysis

Gets user retentions for specific starting and returning actions.

Get Revenue LTV

Gets the lifetime value of new users.

Get Session Length Distribution

Gets the number of sessions for each pre-defined length ("bucket") period during a specified date range.

Get User Composition

Gets the distribution of users across values of a user property in the specified date range.

Get User Activity

Gets a user summary and their most recent 1000 events plus all of the events from their most recent session.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Modify Cohort's Memberships

Modifies the memberships of a cohort specified by ID.

Send an Attribution Campaign Event

Sends an attribution campaign event.

Upload a Cohort

Generates a new cohort or updates an existing one.

Upload Event Data

Uploads event data.

List Funnel Analysis

Lists a funnel drop-off and conversion rates.

List Annotations

Lists all annotations.

List Cohorts

Lists all cohorts.

14 days trial
No credit card required