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Algolia & Synergy

5 Common Use Cases of Algolia for Fast and Relevant Search Results on Websites and Mobile Apps is a powerful tool that can help you synchronize data across your toolset seamlessly. With Algolia as the ultimate search and discovery engine, you can achieve fast and relevant search results on your websites and mobile apps, making it easy for your users to find what they need. One common use case for Algolia is e-commerce websites. By implementing Algolia, you can power search and discovery experiences that allow your users to find products quickly and easily, boosting conversions by suggesting related products. Synchronize your data with and leverage the power of Algolia to provide a superior user experience for your customers.

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Algolia Modules (17)

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Delete an Object

Deletes an object specified by ID from a specified index.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary autorized API call.

Add an Object

Adds an object to the specified index.

Get an Object

Retrieves an object specified by object ID from a specified index.

Clear an Index

Deletes an index’s content, but leaves settings and index-specific API keys untouched.

Update an Object

Partially updates a specified object.

Get a Task Status

Returns a status of a specified task.

Add / Replace an Object

Adds or replaces an object with a given object ID. If the object does not exist, it will be created. If it already exists, it will be replaced.

Search Index

Return objects that match the query.

Search Recommendations

Returns recommendations for a specific model and Object ID.

Search Logs

Lists logs of the last 1000 API calls with ability to filter by type and index. All logs have a seven-day retention period. After that, they’re no longer accessible from the API.

Browse Index

Retieves all index content.

Search Objects

Retrieves one or more objects potentially from different indices.

Search for Facet Values

Searches for values of a given facet.

Search Top Hits for a Search

Searches for top hits based on the specified parameters. Limited to 1000 hits.

Search Top Filters for an Attribute

Searches for top filters for a specified attribute. Limited to the 1000 most used filters.

Search Top Filter Attributes for a Search

Searches for top filter attributes for a search. Limited to the 1000 most used filter attributes.

14 days trial
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