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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your 0CodeKit data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

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0CodeKit Triggers / Actions (108)

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Upload a Buffer File to a Temporary URL

Upload a buffer and returns a temporary file URL. Works best in combination with our other APIs and other SaaS.

Download a File from 0-CodeKit Storage

Downloads a saved file by file name from 0-CodeKit storage.

Delete a File from 0-CodeKit storage

Deletes a file from 0-CodeKit storage.

Upload a File to 0-CodeKit storage

Uploads a file either from a URL or as a buffer. You can permanently store files up to 10MB and reuse them in workflows and scenarios.

Update a JSON Bin

Updates a JSON Bin.

Get a JSON Bin

Gets a JSON Bin.

Delete a JSON Bin

Deletes a JSON Bin stored online.

Create a JSON Bin

Stores a JSON object online and access it in other scenarios or applications.

Update a Global Variable

Updates a global variable.

Get a Global Variable

Retrieves selected global variable by its name.

Delete a Global Variable

Deletes a Global Variable.

Create a Global Variable

Creates a global variable.

Retrieve Credits

Retrieve remaining user credits.

Merge multiple PDFs

Merges multiple PDF files into a single PDF.

Create a PDF from HTML

Creates a PDF file from HTML.

Get the PDF Page Count

Gets the page count from a PDF file either via URL or buffer.

Parse URL

Parse URL.

Extract the UTM parameters from an URL

Gets standard UTM parameters from a URL.

Build a URL with UTM Parameters

Builds a url with UTM parameters.

Expand a shortened URL

Retrieves the full and long URL of a shortened URL.

Split First and Last Name

Splits a given string of potential names into its first name and last name.

Delete a Task

Deletes a scheduled task.

Schedule a Cronjob or a Timer for a Webhook

Schedules a webhook execution with JSON by setting up a cronjob or timer.

Get HTML Element from URL

Get one or multiple HTML elements from URL.

Get HTML Element

Get one or multiple HTML Elements.

Get the Gender from First Name

Helps you identify the gender of a person by their first name.

Switch the Keys and Values

Switches the input value with a JSON text of values or a URL to a remote JSON.

Sharpen an Image

Sharpens an image with optional sigma value

Rotate an Image

Rotate an image by specified angle and optional background color

Resize an Image

Resize an image to a specified heigth and width

Overlay Two Images

This endpoint takes two images to return a single overlayed image.

Image From URL

Get an image from URL as displayed on a specified device.

Flip an Image

Flips an image by x or y-axis

Read EXIF Data from an Image

Reads an image from URL or buffer and extracts the EXIF data.

Crop an image

Extract/crop a region of the image

Convert an Image

Convert an image to a different image format

Blur an Image

Blur a image with optional blur strength.

Get Random Color

This endpoint can be used to generate random colors.

Get Logo From URL

Get SVG logo from URL provided.

Get Date Detailed Period

Get detailed information for a date period.

Generate a Random String

Generates a random string of personalized lenght and characters.

Update a Shortened URL

Updates the destination URL of a shortened URL.

Delete a Shortened URL

Deletes a shortened URL.

Create a tinyurl and Shortened URL

Creates a tinyurl and shortened URL.

Decode a QR Code

Decodes a QR code from a URL or buffer.

Encode a QR Code

Encodes a QR Code with Data or URL.

Generate a Random Number

Generates a random number between the defined range and type.

Generate a Random Name

Generates a random name.

Generate Line Chart

Use the collection of chart endpoints to generate and integrate charts in your automations.

Encode JWT Token

Encode a JWT Token.

Generate Doughnut Chart

Use the collection of chart endpoints to generate and integrate charts in your automations.

Decode JWT Token

Decode JWT Token.

Get a Random City

Retrieves a random city from Planet Earth.

Generate a Barcode

Generate a barcode with options

Generate Bar Chart

Use the collection of chart endpoints to generate and integrate charts in your automations.

Extract Text

Extracts the content between two strings start and end of a text body. The argument greedy can be set to true so that the resulting text contains the start and end in it.

Extract EXIF data

Extract EXIF data from image

Read a Barcode

Read a barcode and get the data

Decode and validate JWT Token

Decode and validate JWT Token.

Convert Timezones

Converts timezones around the global timezones.

List Holidays

List public holidays from specified country for a given year.

Check if a Day is Weekend or Working Day

Detects if the requested day is a weekend or a working day.

Get Current Month

Get Current Month details: workdays, weekends, first and last day of month, number of days.

Get a Calendar Week

Gets a calendar-week by week number, year, date or a unix timestamp.

Hash a Text

Hashes a text with selected methods.

Encrypt a message

Encrypts a message with a selected method.

Decrypt a Ciphertext

Decrypts a ciphertext with a selected method.

Get the Nation by Country Code ISO

Retrieves a Nation ISO-Alpha-3166 Country code from the name or a Nation name from the ISO-Alpha-3166.

Get the GeoLocation of an IP address

Gets the geolocation of an IP address.

Convert Currencies

Converts a currency into another on specific dates.

Convert CSV File for multiple ROW

This module will convert a CSV file with headers to a multiple row format for uploading into other APIs.

Convert a CSV to JSON

Takes a CSV string and converts it to a valid JSON.

Contains Text

Searches if a text contains a given input.

Compress a PDF

Reduce the file size of PDFs

Compare String

Compare strings using available algorithms.

Run Python Code

Runs your python code and returns the result.

Run JavaScript JS-Code

Runs your javascript .js code and returns the result.

Check VAT of EU Country

Detects if a EU VAT rate applies.

Calculate the Distance between Adresses

Calculates the geodistance between two addresses or geopoints.

Calculate BMI Values

Calculates body mass index values from height and weight in metric system measures.

Verify VAT ID

Checks if VAT number and its ID is valid.

Verify IBAN

Verifies a European banking-IBAN.

Validate Geolocation

Checks if the address provided is valid.

Verify an Email and Correct it

Validates an email address matching it with standards and eventually corrects it.

Verify Domain

Verifies a top-level- or subdomain.

Verify BIC

Verifies a banking BIC.

Check if Email is a Freemailer

Checks if the email domain belongs to a free-mailer (gmail, yahoo, outlook etc.).

Translate a Text

Gets the translation of a text or multiple sentences.

Transcribe Audio File

Transcribe audio file.

Rephrase Too Long to Read Text

Rephrase a text too long to read by keeping relevant information.

Detect Text in a Picture with OCR AI

Detects the text in a picture using Optical Character Recognition AI.

Picture Object Recognition

Recognizes objects in a picture using AI.

Generate Python Code

Generate Python code.

Generate JavaScript Code

Generate JavaScript Code based on description.

Generate an Image

Generate Image.

Extract Contact Information

Extract Contact Information from text.

Check Content Policy

Checks content of input text and states if it's 'safe'.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Get Text entities with NLP AI

Detects entities in a text with natural language processing AI.

Detect the Language in a Text with NLP AI

Helps you to identify the language of a text using Natural Language Processing AI.

Get the Mood of a Text with NLP AI

Helps you to detect the mood of a text using natural language processing AI.

Get the Context of a Picture with AI

Detects what is on a picture with AI.

List Shortend URLs

Lists all your created shortend URLs.

List active Tasks in Scheduler

Gets a list of all active tasks of the users scheduler.

Split a PDF File

Split a PDF file into custom defined sections.

List Global Variables

Lists all global variables that are stored.

List JSON Bins

List all JSON Bins stored online.

List Saved Files

List all saved files on 0-CodeKit storage.

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