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Remove the support account in the integrator

Live v3.0

At, we’re always looking for ways to enhance the user experience and streamline our platform’s functionalities. We’re excited to share an upcoming change that’s aimed at making your interaction with the Integrator even more intuitive.


The Support Account Context

Currently, users might notice a ‘support account’ within their Integrator. While this has been present for functional reasons and doesn’t interact with user data, we understand that its presence can be a bit perplexing.


Our Solution:

We’re embarking on a mission to refine the Integrator’s design. Our goal is to retain all its powerful features while eliminating the need for the visible support account. This means you’ll soon experience a cleaner interface, free from any unnecessary elements, while still enjoying all the functionalities you’ve come to rely on.


Ensuring Data Privacy:

We want to emphasize that the support account has never accessed or interacted with user-specific data. Your data’s privacy and security have always been, and will remain, our top priority. This update is purely about enhancing usability and clarity within the platform.


Read more about this feature in Release v3.0
Release v3.0
Published by Matous Králík

Chief Marketing Officer