Data Management meets AI: Three AI-powered Features that changes how we think about Data & AI
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Conditional Coloring

Live v3.0

Elevate your data visualization game with our latest feature: Conditional Coloring. Now, it’s not just about seeing your records, but truly understanding them at a glance.

Dynamic Highlighting

Set specific conditions, and let the platform do the magic. Whether you’re looking to spot duplicates, identify values exceeding a threshold, or even highlight empty fields, it’s all possible.

Filter-Based Coloring

Integrate your filters seamlessly. As you set conditions, the corresponding records light up, ensuring you never miss critical data points.

Enhanced Data Interpretation

With visual cues, data interpretation becomes faster and more intuitive. Spot trends, anomalies, or critical data points without sifting through rows of information.


Bring clarity, efficiency, and a splash of color to your data management. Dive into insights, spot patterns, and make data-driven decisions with confidence.


Read more about this feature in Release v3.0
Release v3.0
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