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New Release: New Custom Field Types, Seamless Integrator View, and Accelerated Performance

New Release: New Custom Field Types, Seamless Integrator View, and Accelerated Performance

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This release introduces several enhancements designed to elevate the user experience on our platform. We’re so excited and super grateful for the recent and continuous surge in our platform’s user base. We’re committed to attentively hearing your feedback, requests, and questions, and we strive to meet your needs to the best of our abilities. Now, users can access Integrator embedded directly within their system, incorporate a variety of new and practical custom fields into existing modules, and, most notably, experience a significantly faster system, e.g., a decreased hardware strain. Explore the full list of latest updates in this article.

🧩 Modules

New Types of Custom Fields

The custom fields section introduces users to a variety of new features.

  • Users can now incorporate several innovative types of custom fields. Newly available fields include “linked record“ and “linked records,“ enabling users to interconnect items from various modules, as well as “percentages,“ “money,“ and “rating.“

custom fields

New Kinds of Custom Fields

  • Additionally, new functions within the “formula“ field are accessible to users with a Scale license. This field allows calculations based on formulas (e.g., multiplying or dividing numbers, identifying the highest or lowest number, or displaying values from another custom field within the system).


formula, automatic calculations data

Set up calculations based on formulas in Formula Custom Field


Seamless Transition Between the Integrator and Database

  • Our most significant update is the Integrator view, accessible directly within the system. When users establish a connection in the integration flow, the integrator will appear in a modal window with rounded corners, while the system with the established connection remains accessible underneath.
  • The name of the created connection is displayed at the bottom of the frame.

iframe view integrator

Updated Integrator View

Improved Integration Flow

The design of the integration flow has been enhanced across individual modules.

  • The vertical stepper in the integration flow now matches the design used for creating new spaces.
  • If a module contains only one space, it will automatically be preselected in the integration flow.
  • The size of boxes with pre-made templates has been reduced to make the page appear more streamlined, modern, and uncluttered.

Orders, Contacts, Offers – Improved User Assigning

  • The table views of the “Orders,“ “Offers,“ and “Contacts“ modules now allow users to be assigned to individual records.
  • Users can now assign users to these modules without having to open each item individually.
  • A fix has been implemented to prevent the change of payment due dates in the orders module.

Warehouses – New Custom Fields Attached

  • Custom fields can now be attached to warehouse modules, specifically to stock cards, stock reservations, inventories, stock requests, and transfers.
  • The customization of these fields is managed in the space’s editing settings.

Space Editing – Updated User Rights

Users can no longer edit or delete a space; only the space owner or manager has the authority to delete a space during editing.

⚙️ System & Settings

embedded helpcenter and videoacademy

Help center in one place – Explore Video Academy directly within your system

System Acceleration – Reducing Hardware Strain

Our developers’ comprehensive code optimization has significantly sped up system operations leading to a significant reduction of hardware strain. Specifically, simplifications in handling translations have resulted in dramatically faster loading times for individual items and improved efficiency in working with the system, even when dealing with large numbers of items in various spaces.

Document Exports

We’ve adjusted numerical and date fields in .xls format exports to eliminate the need for further modifications upon opening the file. This allows users to immediately utilize these numbers in addition, subtraction, or multiplication of formulas.

Updated Welcome Flow

Minor design tweaks have been made during the initial login process to enhance the system’s responsiveness, especially on smaller screens. We’ve also adjusted the content size to make it more user-friendly.

More Updates Coming Soon

Our team is relentlessly focused on improving our platform’s functionality and ease of use, particularly in the integration setup process. We’re committed to making our system more intuitive, reducing complexity, and ensuring that integrating various tools and services is as straightforward as possible for our users.

More innovations are closer than you think – so stay tuned!

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