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New Integration Roadmap: Request Your App

New Integration Roadmap: Request Your App

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We understand the importance of seamless integration and the value it brings to business operations. That’s why we’re excited to announce an opportunity to directly influence the next wave of app integrations and features on our platform. Would you like to contribute to our Integration and Feature Roadmap?

Choose the Top 3 Apps We Should Put Our Focus On

We’ve been all ears, collecting your top app integration requests, and now we’re rolling out the red carpet for you to vote. Which top 3 apps deserve to be connected first?

Pick your champion on our recently set up Integration Roadmap! And do so ASAP, because this voting round closes on April 21. 

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Let Your Ideas Come Alive with Our Feature Roadmap

Did you know you can also ask us to develop your dream features? That’s right! So if you’re thinking, “Hmm, would be out of this world if only it had…“? Well, say less because we’re all ears! Let us know in the Feature Roadmap, and let’s explore the possibilities.

Your votes will help us identify which features to develop next, ensuring that remains the ultimate tool for simplifying your work and boosting efficiency.

Get Involved

Apart from voting and requesting new integrations & features in our dedicated roadmaps, be sure to join one of our User Communities! Exchange workflow ideas, get help from other users and our team with the integrator, and, of course, don’t miss out on any important news! See you there.

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Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

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