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Release v2.5.0 + v2.6.0

Release Notes

In the system’s latest version, we have focused on extending column grouping, more efficient creation of new items, improved tooltips, a new XML template type in the Invoices module, and much more.

Release v2.5.0 + v2.6.0


New features and improvements


  • Invoices module: you will now find an XML file in the export templates that can be imported directly into the Pohoda accounting software
  • New item creation: we have added a Create New Item button to related modules/tabs/dropdown lists in the system. You will find the button, for example, when creating a stock item inside a stock receipt, creating a new category inside a product detail, creating a new win type when a business case is won, and many more
  • Grouping: we have expanded the number of columns by which you can group selected data in reports across all modules
  • Orders module: if you change the customer in an order, the system will ask you if you want to change the discount assigned to each item in the order
  • Help: selected tooltips will link you directly to the system documentation or our website for more detailed information
  • Work hours module: we have improved the checking of overlapping timesheets
  • Contacts module: it is now possible to add any note to a contact’s phone number
  • several minor improvements across the system


If you miss anything here, please email us anytime at [email protected]

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