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Release v2.4.0

Release v2.4.0

Release Notes

The milestone system version v2.4.0 is here! In this update, we bring you a new way to integrate and centralize your data, the possibility to create your custom module or a new and more precise table with your product variants. Let’s take a closer look together.


New features and improvements


  • Data integration and centralization: We have launched a new way to integrate and centralize your company data. For more detailed information on this important and long-awaited new feature, click here
  • Custom module: You can install your custom module in the system from now on, which will be exactly the way you prefer. You can add any labels, statuses or custom fields. This module is best used for aggregating databases
  • Products module: we have added an overview table to the Variants tab, where you can easily find all the information about a given product variant
  • Business Cases module: you can now find the Products and Product Description columns in the table of connected offers and orders. You will thus have a perfect overview of the assigned products directly in the listing
  • Purchases module: we have added the fields Deposit payment and Note to the export PDF template (you can add a note by filling in the Text in front of/behind the items in the Purchase Items tab)
  • archived users: we have revised the display of archived users in the system
  • minor user changes and improvements across the system


We are already working hard on the next version. You have a lot to look forward to. We are here for you at [email protected].

Published by Ivana Kačerovská

Detailist・Traveler・Marketing Assistant