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Release v2.21.0

Release Notes

In the latest release, you will come across an updated module store, and you can also open attachments in a new window (and they’ll load faster!) or go to the Documentation directly from the quick menu. Check out all the bug fixes and system improvements below.

Release v2.21.0


  • Warehouses – the “Stock amount” is now equal to the stock amount minus the reservation, minus the virtual stock amount
  • Warehouses – correction of rounding error
  • Fixed functionality of drop-down lists across the system
  • Work hours – fix for the incorrect display of minutes in timesheets
  • Fix for filter cancellation after checking filtered items and export across modules
  • Unify headings and layout on the page across modules
  • Enhance the homepage when first opening an installed module (if no space and item is created)
  • Faster loading of attachments + added option to open attachments in a new window
  • Other minor adjustments to attachments across modules (e.g. larger preview and more intuitive option to change the title)
  • Table view – fix for incorrect filter types (number/text/date)
  • Fixed display of inaccessible Page in the menu – a user who does not have access to the space in which the Page is created will see the Page not clickable with an explanatory tooltip

Settings & System

  • System Settings – added options to remove filtering and sorting of tables when returning from the main desktop back to the module (across modules)
  • New display of integrations in modules
  • System Settings – added the ability to remove and reinstall a module from the module’s settings
  • System Settings – change the name in the settings navigation bar – original name Basic Settings changed to System Settings 
  • Homepage screen – fixed broken news display
  • Improvements and simplification of module store
  • Add the “Documentation” button to the quick menu and update the documentation in the Help Center

And stay tuned! The best is yet to come.

Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager