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Release v2.18.0

Release Notes

In the latest version of the system, we focused on the following changes and improvements: easier creation of custom fields in the custom module (for administrators), the ability to link stock movements not only to an order but also to a specific stock request, fixing the display of the Save button in the Safari browser on iPad, a new icon for the Help Center and much more!

Release v2.18.0

UX/UI improvements:

5529: add option to specify item numbering mask in Warehouse modules

5554: redesign of note detail

5595: easier creation of custom fields in Custom module (for administrators)

4540: unification of table types in system settings

5195: adding loading to the Save button across the system if the save is not immediate

5693: new icon for the Help center in the bottom right corner

5714: adding a Note column to the stock card listing

5607: redesign of user edit window and hourly rate (now displayed in the table)

5759: lock external ID change – after checking the “Disable external ID change” checkbox in warehouse settings, it is not possible to change the external ID of stock cards and stock items

4854: adding the ability to enter and change statuses for stock guidances

4979: new option to link stock movements not only to an order but also to a specific stock request

5666: added “Create new to-do list/calendar” button in Orders and Business Opportunities module in Timeline tab -> Add appointment or task

1691: change of input type – unification of system inputs, more efficient display of labels (all labels linked to an entity are displayed to the user even when changing the space)

5808: displaying attachments from the Business Opportunity in the connected Contract and vice versa


5261: fixed visibility of resources in settings and module store – they are no longer visible anywhere 

5527: fixed display of the Save button in Safari on iPad

5768: fix time of event created in a timezone other than CET

5630: fix New Task button in Tasks module redirecting users to create a new contact

5629: fix message for moving items in the Menu editor

We also published a new version of documentation this week. It contains ten times the original amount of articles and topics. So far, we have covered over 600 integrations and 200 topics on the system. 

Also, join our User Community to make sure you don’t miss out on any news, learn a lot of useful tips from us and other users, get access to the recordings of our webinars and have the opportunity to suggest new features or changes you would like to see in the system.


Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager