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Release v2.16.0

Release Notes

A week has passed, and we bring you a new version of the system full of new features and updates. You can look forward to, for instance, displaying the number of operations performed in the integrator, adding more tooltips (quick help), or several minor changes in the Custom module.

Release v2.16.0

UX/UI improvements:

  • 5503: color highlighting of the icon to display the side navigation bar
  • 5502: clickable name in the contact table
  • 5441: system settings: display the number of operations performed in the integrator
  • 5441: system settings: display the number of updates in scenarios (other than
  • 4993: several minor adjustments within the Custom module
  • 5483: new option to create a Custom module within the Add Module to Menu window (in case no Custom Module has been created yet)
  • 5507: new option to create a new contact when creating a new business case or contract



  • 5532: removal of duplication of the Add Hourly Rate field when creating multiple work reports at once
  • 5468: removal of broken sorting of items in the table view in the Tasks module (sorting of items can be used when displaying items in a list)
  • 5493: Adding the Photopea module to the list of modules in the menu editor
  • 5315: fix font switching when activating the edit mode
  • 5244: fix the tooltip when unlocking an item in the Receipts and Issues module
  • 5531: removal of duplication of supplier email when creating a contact in the stock receipt detail
  • 5465: fix the drag&drop function in status columns in the Kanban Board module
  • 5548: hide import function in settings if not used
  • 5551: system settings: update of the color alert for integration limits – lights up red only when the limit is exceeded
  • 5428: adding a tooltip to user/team/category icons without a profile picture


We are already working on further improvements at the moment. You can contact us at [email protected] or chat if you miss something in the system.

Published by Ivana Kačerovská

Detailist・Traveler・Marketing Assistant