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Release v2.15.0

Release v2.15.0

Release Notes

We are here with a new release! In version 2.15.0, we’ve focused on several UX and UI improvements while fixing essential parts of the system. For example, you’ll encounter a new design for the user or team settings, further tooltip extensions, or new articles in the documentation.

UX/UI improvements:

  • 5307: addition of tooltips (quick help) across the system
  • 5453: the ability to install a new module directly from the main desktop (for admins)
  • 5254: adding icons to modules in import settings
  • 5294: automatic pre-filling of the Stock when creating a Stock item
  • 5053: new design for User, Team, and Category settings
  • 5260: moving the Contact list field to the top of the Contact creation window
  • New documentation articles



  • 5242: remove the asterisk next to the Hourly Rate field in the Hours module
  • 5440: fix text editor overwriting custom fields via bulk actions
  • 5418: update available modules in the editor menu
  • 5466: fix installation of Custom module
  • 5053: fix for non-functional team editing in system settings
  • 5295: fix the unreadable tooltip in the Inventory module
  • 5491: display community entry button also on smaller displays
  • 5449: fix display of selected rows after saving changes via bulk actions
  • 5268: remove duplicate button for bulk actions in Stock items -> Stock transfers tab


We are still working on moving the system in the right direction. You can help us with this by reporting any issues you encounter. Please, use our email [email protected], chat, or the Feedback feature directly in your system.

Published by Ivana Kačerovská

Detailist・Traveler・Marketing Assistant