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Release v2.10.0

Release v2.10.0

Release Notes

As part of the new version v2.10.0, we have prepared many new features for you! Among them, you will find, for example, the possibility of adding an hourly holiday rate to a user, the function of mentioning a user or a space in the text or the possibility of adding multiple Stock Requests to a contract at once.

New features and improvements


  • User settings/Work hours module: in the system settings, you can set multiple hourly rates for a user, including a holiday rate that you can link to specific dates in the calendar. The calendar can then be connected to a specific timesheet list in the Work hours module. When creating a report, the regular/holiday rate is automatically whispered based on the date of the report
  • Text editor: you can now use @ symbol to mention a user, team or space in the text. In addition, you can find the new text editor in the comments of tasks, events, notes or wall posts
  • Contracts module: you can add multiple stock requests to a contract simultaneously. You will also find the option of adding child stock requests in the dialog
  • Stock items/Stock movements module: the unit of measure filled in the stock card is now written in the detail of the items
  • Tasks/Work hours module: we have added the time data from the Estimated/Planned/Recorded field to the task and work report tables
  • Contracts/Business cases module: in the module settings, it is possible to turn off the notifications if another user connects a new space to a contract or business case that is part of the same business process
  • minor improvements across the system


Do you have an idea for an enhancement, or is something missing in the system? Drop us a line! We’re here for you at [email protected].

Published by Ivana Kačerovská

Detailist・Traveler・Marketing Assistant