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National relaxation day


Did you know that burnout syndrome is classified as a disease?

In 2019, the WHO classified it as a disease, identifying increased pressure to perform, accompanied by an intense fear of one’s failure, as the primary cause. Another risk factor is mental exhaustion, which occurs due to a one-sided focus of the mind and an inability to relax.

National relaxation day

And relaxation is what we would like to remind you of today on National Relaxation Day.

To perform well, we also need to relax enough – to switch off, focus on some physical or mental activity and generally do things that recharge our lost energy.

The most practical activities to shift the focus of attention are:

  • progressive muscle relaxation*,
  • experiences in nature,
  • aerobic exercise,
  • yoga,
  • meditation,
  • and listening to music.

*slowly tensing and then relaxing each muscle group


As part of taking care of your health, you shouldn’t work more than 54 hours a week. Complying with this will avoid overwork and chronic stress. The latter leads to high blood pressure and cholesterol and can cause significant behaviour changes.

We live in hectic times, so taking care of ourselves and doing things we enjoy is essential.


Photography by CSG Womens Thermals

Published by Ivana Kačerovská

Detailist・Traveler・Marketing Assistant