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Release v2.0.47

Release v2.0.47

Release Notes

In this update, we bring you huge news in the form of a new edit button inside the item detail, work scheduling (Work hours module), displaying reported hours and their creation on the new timeline view (Work hours module), and so much more.

Changes and improvements

  • work planning: in addition to work reporting, you can also plan work in the Work hours module. This function is used for detailed scheduling of working hours on selected tasks (or after attaching a list of tasks on contracts, business opportunities, and projects)
  • Work hours module: we have added a “timeline” view, on which you can simply and transparently display both reported and scheduled work. At the same time, you can create them on the timeline by simply dragging the mouse at the selected time. We will continue to improve this timeline view in future updates
  • new edit button: we have moved and improved the control for editing the item – now the “edit” button is located in the lower right corner, and in the same place, you will find the subsequent saving / deleting of changes
  • displaying long text when hovering the mouse: we are gradually adding this function that allows you to display the entire long text (which had to be cut short) when hovering the mouse. You can try it on a long column name in the table view or a long name of an item in its detail.
  • Payments module: new quick change of due date in table view
  • Wall module: a number of improvements
  • Stock card module: you can now create a linked product (Products module) simply inside the Stock card detail
  • Stock items and Stock cards modules: a new “export to a certain date” option has been added to the export of items, which allows you to export stock numbers and values ​​from a given date
  • more improvements across the system


We are not slowing down; we are already working relentlessly on other improvements that we will bring you in the coming weeks. If you have any ideas for new features, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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