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Release v2.0.46

Release Notes

We are here with another version with serial number v2.0.46. In this version, we bring you bulk actions in the Tasks module, several new columns in table views, and several new types of groupings in some modules.

Release v2.0.46

Changes and improvements

  • Tasks module: we added bulk actions in the table view, so you can select tasks and then change their status, assigned users, overwrite fields, export, and more
  • Table view: new highlighting of an item in the table view with a single click on the row (left button) and highlighting of items in bulk actions
  • Orders and Offers modules: new columns in the list of items with information about the discount of individual products
  • Grouping items: in a number of modules, we have added other types of groupings in the table view
  • And a few other minor changes and improvements.


We are already working hard on the next version; you can look forward to it. We are here for you at [email protected]

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