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Release v2.0.42

Release v2.0.42

Release Notes

We have released another update full of improvements and new features called v2.0.42. The main new features in this version are the grouping of items in a table view according to their statuses, labels and so on, an improved address bar, tweaked responsive design, and more.

Changes and improvements

  • Orders and Offers modules: improved address panel for easier management of supplier and customer addresses
  • Grouping: we have added the ability to group items inside table view by their status, labels, dates, etc. You will find it inside modules such as Orders, Offers, Tasks, Work Hours, Forms, Warehouses, Contacts and more
  • Payments module: several visual updates inside the table view for more straightforward data navigation
  • Inventory module: inventory approval for situations where physical inventory is taken and is followed by approval by the warehouse manager
  • Products module: improved product selection in the table view for bulk actions
  • Responsive design: we continued to tune the system to display on smaller displays (on any operating system)
  • A few minor visual improvements to the system to make it easier to work with


Do you have ideas for improvements to We’re here for you at [email protected].

Published by Jirka Ratica

“I enjoy building great products that make the world a better place.” Problem Solver・Minimalist・Product Manager