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Release v2.0.41

Release v2.0.41

Release Notes

Another week, another batch of improvements called v2.0.41. This update brings the ability to set up your SMTP server and several enhancements related to the modules Payments, Stock Movements and more.

Changes and improvements

  • Custom SMTP server settings allow you to change system e-mail (System Settings → Main Settings)
  • Improved navigation bar in system settings (admin)
  • Payments module: filtering by the payment date, new information in graphs, and more
  • Stock movements module: tuned data transfer between Purchases and Stock receipt modules
  • New explanations in the Menu Editor, Automation and individual modules such as Pages or Reports


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Published by Jirka Ratica

“I enjoy building great products that make the world a better place.” Problem Solver・Minimalist・Product Manager