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Release v2.0.39

Release Notes

We bring you a huge update called v2.0.39, which includes a new Payments module, an improved design, a new split view for productive work with items, an extension of table views with new columns and much more.

Release v2.0.39

Changes and improvements

  • Split View: from now on you can have a table view with items on the left side of the screen and an item detail on the right side (this also works with Gantt Chart, Kanban Board, etc.)
  • brand new design for all tables, icons, buttons, and more
  • new Payments module: we have created the Payments module, in which you will find records of future payments from the business process modules (Contracts, Orders, Invoices and more)
  • Business processes: spaces and items (e.g., tasks, calendars, notes) can now be subordinated to contracts or business opportunities, which allows you to work with them as with complex projects
  • new columns in the table view for the Warehouses, Products, Invoices, Orders, Quotations, and other modules
  • Stock cards module: name of a stock card can now be translated into all system languages
  • Stock receipts module: the new possibility of entering additional costs, which are used to record the expenses associated with the stock receipt (e.g., shipping, customs, packaging)


In this update, we have focused primarily on efficient and productive work with, and therefore we will be happy for any of your opinions at [email protected]. Thank you.

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