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Release v2.0.38

Release Notes

There is a new version called v2.0.38! Despite the winter atmosphere our deployment did not slow down, so in this version we bring you better control of the table view, improved uploading of image attachments, or a more detailed analysis of product lines in the Charts module.

Release v2.0.38

Changes and improvements

  • Warehouses module: new calculation for the price of the residual items
  • Warehouses module: detailed export for individual Stock receipt and Stock issue (with list of items)
  • attachments: improved upload of multiple images at once
  • when switching between item details in the table view, the scrollbar position is saved
  • Charts module: more detailed analysis of product lines
  • Pages module: easier creation of a new item
  • new features and descriptions in system settings
  • multiple minor user interface changes across modules (including system settings)


You can already find these and other new features on your systems. If you have any suggestions for new features, you can contact us at any time at [email protected].

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