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Reducing Integrator Interactions

At, we’re always striving to simplify and enhance the user experience. We’ve heard your feedback.

Direct Interaction with

Our goal is to make the integration process as intuitive and streamlined as possible. Soon, you won’t need to juggle between and the Integrator for most tasks. We’re working to bring all user interactions directly under the umbrella, ensuring a unified and cohesive experience.

Less Complexity, More Productivity

By minimizing tasks in the Integrator, we aim to reduce the learning curve and potential points of friction. This means faster setups, fewer steps, and a more straightforward integration process.

Unified Interface

We believe in a singular, powerful platform that can handle all your needs. By moving user interactions to, you’ll benefit from a consistent interface, making it easier to manage and oversee all your integrations.

Maintaining Power & Flexibility

While we’re simplifying the user side of things, rest assured that the robust capabilities of the Integrator will still be hard at work behind the scenes. We’re enhancing user-friendliness without compromising on the powerful features you’ve come to rely on.

Stay Connected

This is a significant leap in our journey to make the most user-centric synchronization platform out there. We’re excited about this evolution and will keep you updated as we move closer to its rollout.

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