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Form View – Simplify data collection

We’re excited to hint at a transformative feature we’re conceptualizing for the universal “Form View”. Think of it as your digital receptionist, designed to streamline data collection and seamlessly integrate it into your modules.

Instant Integration

The future vision for Form View is to offer a direct pathway from data collection to module integration. Whether you’re gathering feedback, collecting contact details, or any other data, the Form View will be designed to automatically populate the relevant module in

User-Friendly Design

With a planned drag-and-drop interface, crafting your custom forms will be as intuitive as it gets. Tailor each form to your specific needs, ensuring you capture the right data every time.

Seamless Sharing

Once your form is ready, sharing it will be a breeze. Whether you want to share a direct link or embed the form into your website, we’re aiming to make it straightforward and efficient.

Centralized Data Collection

The beauty of the envisioned Form View is its ability to centralize data collection. No more juggling between different tools or manual data entry. Everything you collect will find its rightful place in

Published by Jirka Ratica

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