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Calendar View

This isn’t just a calendar as you know it; we’re envisioning a transformative way to visualize data from every module, be it tasks, contacts, invoices, or any other dataset, all mapped out in a time-centric manner.


Broadened Horizons

The Calendar view will aim to encompass every module, offering a time-based perspective on your data. Whether it’s tracking deadlines, appointments, or other key dates, everything will find its place on the calendar.

Interactive and Intuitive

The planned Calendar will be designed for ease of use. Imagine plotting out tasks, setting reminders, or even color-coding entries for quick reference, all with a few clicks.

Adaptable Across Modules

The beauty of the envisioned Calendar view lies in its adaptability. Regardless of the module, the calendar will be tailored to present its data in a date-driven format, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Collaboration with a Temporal Twist

When this feature takes shape, sharing your calendar views with team members will be a breeze. It’s all about ensuring synchronized planning and execution, with everyone aligned on timelines.

A Glimpse into the Future of Data Visualization

Calendar view represents our commitment to continually innovate and enhance the experience. As we journey forward, we’re excited about the potential this feature holds to reshape how you interact with every module.

Published by Jirka Ratica

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