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Agency switcher – Add interface to switch between systems for agency users

Agency Switcher Feature recognizes the intricate demands of agency professionals who often manage multiple client accounts simultaneously. To streamline this process and enhance user experience, we’re introducing the Agency Switcher feature.

Navigating between different client accounts or systems can be a daunting task, especially when time is of the essence. The Agency Switcher is our solution to this challenge. This feature will provide a seamless interface, allowing agency users to effortlessly switch between various systems or accounts. No more logging out and in or navigating through complex menus. With a simple click, transition from one client’s data to another’s, ensuring that you can manage and oversee multiple projects with unparalleled efficiency.

This addition is all about optimizing workflow. By reducing the time and effort required to move between accounts, we aim to give agency professionals more time to do what they do best: deliver exceptional results for their clients.

Published by Matous Králík

Chief Marketing Officer