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Add remaining modules to Integrator

At, we’ve always been driven by the goal of offering a comprehensive and seamless platform. As part of our ongoing commitment to this vision, we’re excited to share an important update regarding our Integrator.


Decision to Integrate All Modules

We’ve made a conscious decision to initially focus on integrating a select set of modules into the Integrator. However, we’ve listened to feedback and recognized the growing demand for a more inclusive integration experience. As a result, we’re now actively working to incorporate every module, such as stocks, into the Integrator. This will empower users to seamlessly sync-in and sync-out data across all modules, ensuring a more fluid and efficient data management process.


Enhanced Synchronization Capabilities

Once all modules are integrated, users will benefit from a more robust synchronization experience. Whether you’re looking to pull data from external sources into or push data from to other platforms, the Integrator will facilitate these processes across all modules, ensuring consistent and reliable data flow.

Published by Matous Králík

Chief Marketing Officer