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What’s New: Release version 3.8.0

What’s New: Release version 3.8.0

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A new month means a new release! This time, we made a couple of adjustments, mainly in the system settings. Now, you can search through Fields and Custom field groups, experience the refreshed design of the login screen, work with apriori “clean” tables, and much more! Dive into the full list of changes below.

🧩 Modules

Table view

  • Extensive modifications were made to the table view editing mode for all modules
  • Added the ability to edit text written in WYSIWYG
  • Added the ability to preview, edit, and delete to the “File” custom field
  • Edit mode extended for more modules and individual items: new possibility to edit name and customer in the Contracts module
  • Added edit mode to the Payments, Forms, and Submission Forms modules

Stock Requests module

  • Fixed filtering of all columns in the table view
  • The stock request now shows the type of stock card attached to the request


  • System administrators will be notified once a day of all scenarios that do not include the module (e.g., only tracking changes in Google Sheets) and that they have been suspended

⚙️ System & Settings

Space settings

  • Design improvements for setting up spaces across the system
  • E.g., a new option to set the whole module by clicking a button directly in the space settings

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  • New possibility to clearly and conveniently set statuses, custom field groups, connections to other modules or key columns 

Groups of custom fields

  • Added the option to search in Custom field groups and the Fields themselves
  • If the user needs to search for a group or field with a specific name, they now have the option to enter the text in the “filter” field

Login screen

  • Improved design – for example, the background color has been changed, or the option to log in to another system has been added

Custom fields

  • A feature has been added to ensure that each custom field set by the user has a unique name so there is no duplication

Mobile version

  • Design fixes and modifications
  • E.g., fixed buttons that were “overflowing” over the edge of the display
  • Hiding the “position” option when attaching groups of custom fields for better clarity
  • Adjusted image size for creating new integrations

Across the system

  • Added a new type of table without a title and background to some places in the system – for example, when creating a new space or when attaching groups of custom fields
  • Expanded clickable area for inputs to hide or show content as the user chooses – now, it is possible to expand or hide these inputs by clicking on the whole line, not just the icon, as before

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