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What’s New: Release version 3.7.0

Hola Boosters, time flies when you’re having fun! We’re back with some major improvements today! Now you have the option to implement our pre-made use cases when creating integrations, book a quick call with us to talk about the latest tweaks directly via your main desktop, and sooo much more. Dive into the details below to discover it all and make the most out of our platform!

What’s New: Release version 3.7.0

🧩 Modules

Tabular display

New “Calculate” function 

  • This function allows the user to display the sum, maximum value, average, highest or lowest value for columns with numbers (e.g., product prices)
  • For non-numeric values, it shows, for example, the percentage of filled fields, the percentage of unique records, or whether checkboxes are checked or not

New and better “Conditional colouring” function

  • Tables now have a coloring function: the user can now highlight essential rows according to the selected parameters (e.g., the user can find duplicates for all columns)
  • Added a “reset” button to cancel the coloring selection

Added a “view” button

  • Under this button the user now has the possibility to set the columns in the table, consolidate data or the last changes made to the field by the API token
  • As part of this, the filter icons have also been unified across modules


  • Fixed the absence of a button for bulk actions in the table view within the Notes module

Stock requirements

  • New closing of a reservation after switching to “Archived” status
  • Fixed rounding below the table in Stock requests
  • “Archived” status is now also applied to Purchases
  • The “Specifications” column from the Stock card can now be displayed in the Stock request
  • Enabled user to stock only a partial count from a Stock request

Main and subordinate spacing

  • Added distinction whether it is a master or slave space when creating e.g. a task, adding a new product, business opportunity, or order 


  • Added information in which space the form response was created
  • The form response now includes a link to the related form

🔗 Integrations 

  • Improved message informing the user that it’s not possible to set a given key column when there are existing duplicates (at the point where the user sets a key column for a given space) – these duplicates are highlighted by the “Conditional coloring” feature in the “Organize” table
  • Added animations with cubes for pre-made templates when creating data integration from or vice versa
  • When selecting templates for integrations, users will now be suggested custom field groups
  • Hiding applications in “Share” scenarios – “Super easy integration”

Creating integrations

  • In the step of choosing an API token and selecting the option to set it manually, added recommended accesses and permissions for the modules

Integration flow

  • Applications in creating integrations are now smaller
  • Added animated cubes for integration templates
  • Simplified step for selecting an API token

Changes to the main desktop

  • There is a new possibility to use our pre-made “use cases” when creating integrations 
  • When a user clicks on a chosen use case, it takes them to the module to the “Connect” or “Share” step to the pre-selected scenario
  • On the main desktop, the button with the use cases is located in the bottom right corner after clicking on “Integrations” 
  • Use cases can also be explored from the web, where the user can find the button at the top of the screen

⚙️ System & Settings

Custom fields

  • Possibility to add additional fields for system groups of custom fields in all modules 

Main area

  • Added “Integrations – legacy” button under the integrations icon in the bottom right corner of the main desktop, which, when clicked, opens a page with active integrations
  • Added a button to the main desktop at the top of the screen to book a 30-minute call (visible to system admins) to give users tips for using the application even more effectively
  • Added an “Integrations” button to the top of the main desktop that opens a menu for the user to create a new integration, set up an API token, show active integrations, open the integrator, or view the use cases offered

Setting up the system – Welcome flow

  • Added the possibility to set up an API token needed for the integrator
  • The user can now verify their email in the Welcome flow

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Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager