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Release v2.7.0

Release Notes

A new version of the system with serial number v2.7.0 is coming! In this version, you can look forward to a new text editor, stock guidances in PDF format, the possibility to add a time estimate for each task or a new help center.

Release v2.7.0


New features and improvements


  • Text editor: you will now see a new text editor in the text entry fields. The editor is clearer, more modern and has more features. For example, you will find it in the Notes, Tasks or Products modules
  • Stock Requests module: when exporting items, you can now choose to export the Guidance in PDF format
  • Tasks module: when creating a task, it is possible to specify a time estimate. In the field, displaying the planned and recorded time spent on the task is also possible
  • Integration: for a better overview, we have added descriptions to most of the applications that can integrate
  • Quick Start: to help you navigate the system, the Help Center is more precise and guides you through all the basic terms and more advanced features you use to do your work
  • Tasks module: you will now find a button in the tasks table view to quickly reveal or hide child tasks. You can turn the function on/off next to the “New Task” button
  • and other minor improvements across the system


We highly appreciate all your feedback. If you would like to tell us anything, please feel free to use our email address [email protected]. Thank you!


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