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Release v2.20.0

Release Notes

With the new release, we bring many more improvements. You can now see the “Note” column in the stock requirements listing in the contract, and we have added EDIT mode to listing items in all modules. Also, you now have the option to delete a work report or bulk download backups in .zip format. You can see all the new features below.

Release v2.20.0

System settings

  • Improvements to the quick user menu for better navigation (for admins)
  • Fixed display of Custom module description in the Menu Editor
  • Fix the pre-filled user category name after deleting and recreating it
  • Improvements to the navigation bar in system settings
  • Setting phone number in profile as optional
  • Adding custom input and a tooltip for custom fields 
  • Minor changes to API tokens


  • Improved text editor responsiveness across the system
  • Display up to 7 assigned users in item detail across the system
  • Rounding to 3 decimal places for quantities in Stock modules
  • Improved attachment preview across the system
  • Enhancement of notes preview in the Notes module
  • Fixed application crash when displaying an image through the text editor
  • Fixed incorrect minute counting in work reports in the Work Hours module
  • Fix application crash when adding an uninstalled module from the desktop
  • Fix application crash when a user is tagged in the Products module
  • Fix image saving in the text editor
  • Edit check/uncheck all columns in the table view
  • Add option to bulk download attachments to zip
  • Adding a source of interest as a mandatory field to a Business Case and then plugging it into the Order
  • Adding a “Note” column in the Stock Requirements listing in the contract
  • EDIT mode in the table extended to all modules
  • Fixed description display in table view in the Tasks module and Custom module
  • Add an “External ID” column for Stock Movements
  • Add an “External ID” column for Receipt, Issue, and Transfer detail
  • Adding an “External ID” column in the Inventory
  • Adding an “External ID” column in the purchase detail
  • Adding the “Delete work report” function in the Work Hours module
  • Correction of product linking to newly created stock card
  • Fixed bug in Receipts and Issues modules – after editing spaces and going back, the system was incorrectly redirecting users to the Stock Items module
  • New features for Embed option – Pages module
    • icon visible only when it is a link to a module
    • option to select a custom icon
    • possibility to embed HTML and URL of iFrame link – including YouTube video
    • a new icon in the drop-down menu
    • tooltip added to Embed/iFrame option

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Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager