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Release v2.2.0

Release Notes

We bring you a new version of the system with the number v2.2.0! A new menu editor design, more efficient creation of shared labels and additional extensions to exported files are waiting for you.

Release v2.2.0

Changes and improvements

  • Settings – Menu editor: we have significantly changed the design and improved the layout of the entire Menu editor tab, where you can set the visibility of modules. We focused mainly on better clarity, more intuitive operation and visual integration with other elements in the system
  • Stock Requests module: we simplified editing of the Quantity Requested field in the linked modules Orders and Stock Cards
  • Shared labels: we added the ability to create shared labels in multiple spaces at once, even for users who do not have access to the system settings. Just open the filter panel in the module, check the required spaces and create a new shared label
  • Settings: we grouped some minor but essential points in the settings of each module. Now you will find it at the top of the page
  • module store: we have slightly improved the design of the module detail pages
  • exports: you can now choose the content of the exported file according to your needs in all modules that contain data to be exported
  • several minor changes throughout the system


We are working hard on other new features that will make more efficient and faster for you in your daily work. Do you have ideas for improvements? Please email us at [email protected].

Published by Ivana Kačerovská

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