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Release v2.19.0

Release Notes

In the current release you will see, for example, a new design of the System Login page, a new option for bulk editing of items in the table view in the Custom module, and bug fixes such as a broken Drag&Drop in the Menu editor or a bad message when deleting a resource type.

Release v2.19.0

System settings

  • Simplified API token creation and better secure token settings
  • Login page redesign
  • Fix for broken Drag&Drop in the Menu editor
  • Fixed the wrong message when deleting a resource type 
  • Adding IDs to tables for settings Custom modules, API keys, and product categories


  • Bulk edit items in table view in the Custom module
  • Edit of custom inputs and column settings in the table view
  • Fix column narrowing in the table in all modules
  • Correction of minimum quantity in stock cards overview
  • Adding the ability to edit the diagram in the Hierarchy section of stock cards


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Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

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