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Release v2.14.0

Release v2.14.0

Release Notes

With the new release, we have prepared the following features for you: a brand new community, which you can access with one click on the icon directly in the system, a new section in the settings with information about your license, or a streamlined upload of attachments.

New features and improvements

  • community: in the bottom right corner of the main screen, you will find an icon to join the community quickly. In the community, you will find advice, tips, inspiration, ideas, webinar recordings, etc. The team and all users contribute to the community. These users can become guides for newer users and share their ideas and experiences with them.
  • Settings – Payment Information: we have created a new section in the system settings called Payment Information. You will find what type of license you have and information about the usage of user and system limits.
  • Attachments: we’ve made the attachment upload field bigger and more efficient across modules
  • Minor improvements across the system


Do you have a tip for improving a feature in the system? Let us know at [email protected] or use the channel in our new community at We look forward to hearing from you!

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