Release v2.11.0

Release v2.11.0

Release Notes

In the new version of the system, v2.11.0, the following features are included: new colour schemes, improved full-text search or, for example, more efficient creation of items via drop-down lists.

New features and improvements

  • New colour schemes: we have adjusted the colours of the system schemes. Choose from thirteen light and seven dark combinations and find the one you enjoy working in the most
  • Full-text search: we have extended the full-text search at the top of each module to include the ability to search by linked entities to a specific item. For example, you can enter a customer’s name in the Orders module, and the table will display all orders with the customer
  • Drop-down lists: across the system, we have added the option “Create new…” to the drop-down lists. If you are missing an item in the list, simply create it with one click
  • Module store: we’ve improved the design of the entire store and also categorised all modules according to their use for better clarity
  • Text editor: it is now possible to format the content of emails sent by the system within the automation settings
  • other minor improvements across the system


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