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Release v2.0.44

Release v2.0.44

Release Notes

We bring you a new version v2.0.44, in which we have focused on easier and faster use of some components, for example, you can now display up to a thousand items on one page inside the table view, also we have highlighted filtering in the table view and many more.

Changes and improvements

  • Filtering: highlighting the filter field in the table view when the filter is active
  • Table view: now it is possible to display 250, 500 or up to 1000 items on one page
  • Contacts module: added possibility to create a new linked contact inside the contact detail
  • Improved horizontal position remembering function
  • Stock cards module: new field “Customs Code”
  • Minor visual changes to make the system easier to use


We are working hard on other innovations that will significantly speed up and streamline your daily work. Do you have ideas for improvements? Email us at [email protected].

Published by Jirka Ratica

“I enjoy building great products that make the world a better place.” Problem Solver・Minimalist・Product Manager