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Release v2.0.37

Release v2.0.37

Release Notes

Only a few days have passed, and you already have the new version v2.0.37 on your systems! We have slightly improved the design of the system, created new columns and descriptions, and released many more improvements.

Changes and improvements

  • Extensive improvements to responsive design for mobile phones, tablets, or smaller monitors
  • Icons inside item details to improve orientation inside them
  • Warehouse modules: unification of the name of columns shared across Warehouse modules
  • New explanations for some elements in the system settings
  • And a number of improvements that have a positive impact on system performance (e.g., when switching between items, hiding the sidebar, etc.)

Thank you for your trust, we are not slowing down. You can look forward to more news from the world of next week.

Published by Jirka Ratica

“I enjoy building great products that make the world a better place.” Problem Solver・Minimalist・Product Manager