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Release v2.0.35

Release v2.0.35

Release Notes

In this update, we have accelerated the loading of items in the table view, added additional options to the context menus, and launched a new native integration with the Dotykačka cash register system.

Changes and improvements

  • new integration with the Dotykačka cash register system – you can read more in this blog post
  • accelerated loading of items in the table view
  • save the status of the horizontal navigation bar for orientation between SPACES
    • If you display the horizontal bar , the bar will be displayed in all modules (and vice versa)
  • new options inside context menus
    • you can find the context menus under or by right-clicking on the item in the table view
  • appearance enhancement when editing an item name

Are you missing something in the system or do you have an idea for improvement? You can write to us anytime.

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