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Release v2.0.33

Release v2.0.33

Release Notes

Contextual menus are here! The new update brings several significant changes that will make using the system easier and faster. From now on, you can change statuses, assign tags, share, export, print, and much more straight from context menus.

Changes and improvements

  • brand new quick actions in all modules and beyond
    • contextual menus with quick actions can be found under the three dots symbol ⋮, or you can hover over an item in the table and right-click on it
  • modified loading elements for some modules
  • Products module: improved behavior of custom fields
  • Warehouses module: easier creation of purchases through the supplier’s stock card dialog
  • and a number of major and minor changes and improvements such as automatic login to the NAS server (Files module), modified export templates, and changing the visual appearance of multiple avatars displayed side by side

Thank you for your feedback; we read everything you propose and try our best to make it happen.

Published by Jirka Ratica

“I enjoy building great products that make the world a better place.” Problem Solver・Minimalist・Product Manager