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Release v2.0.30

Release Notes

Automation is finally here, and with it comes saving your time and increased control over items thanks to automated actions. At the same time, we focused on data export, simplifying orientation in the system, and several other improvements.

Release v2.0.30

New features

Automation – automating routine work and saving employees time is the primary goal of automation. From now on, you can easily add changes to items, their creation or deletion with automated system notifications, e-mails, or webhooks. Setting automation rules is simple and available to all users with Admin rights in the system settings → Automation. In the following versions, we will gradually add many other setting options; if you have specific requirements, you can write to us at any time.

Data export – in modules, you can export or print any of your data. For export and printing, all you have to do is select the items you want to export in any module inside the table and then select one of the .xlsx or .xml formats.

Other changes and improvements

  • bulk import of items in .csv format into the Stock receipt module
  • the number of characters in the item name increased from 60 characters to 128 characters
  • appearance modification of the modules Contacts, Products, Business opportunities, Offers, and others
  • for easier orientation in the system, some columns and data with explanations have been added (displayed when hovering over the question mark)
  • Products module: the “category description” field now contains a WYSIWYG editor

And lots more. 🚀

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