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Favorite AppSumo Apps Now Available on

Favorite AppSumo Apps Now Available on

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In our research for’s AppSumo Launch, we came across some great tools whose mission caught our attention. We thought it would be cool if these tools were available on our platform as well, so that users could easily sync data from them to their favorite tools. We’ve got more on the horizon, stay tuned too – for now, we bring you the first four!

Reoon Email Verifier integration

Reoon Email Verifier is an indispensable tool for marketers, marketing agencies, and small businesses looking to maintain a clean email list. With over 99% accuracy, this tool can validate email addresses in bulk without sending any emails, helping you reduce bounce rates and protect your sender reputation. When integrated with, you can ensure your email marketing campaigns are targeting valid addresses, saving you time and enhancing campaign effectiveness​​​.

LeadRocks is a powerful tool for generating high-quality B2B leads. With integration, you can streamline your lead generation process by automatically syncing these leads into your CRM or marketing automation tools. This seamless integration ensures that your sales and marketing teams have immediate access to new leads, enabling faster follow-ups and more effective lead nurturing.

Agiled allows businesses to manage all their operations from a single platform, including CRM, project management, finances, and more. By integrating Agiled with, you can unify your business operations further, ensuring that data flows smoothly between Agiled and your other tools. This integration empowers your team to work more efficiently, with all your business data centralized in one place.

neuron writer intergation

Neuron Writer is a tool designed to assist with content creation, offering SEO recommendations and content optimization suggestions. Integrating Neuron Writer with allows for an efficient content workflow, where research, writing, and optimization data are synchronized across your content management and marketing tools. This ensures that your content team can produce SEO-friendly content more efficiently.

Streamline Your Workflows Today now offers more than 1800 integrations, making it easier than ever to connect and sync data between your OG tools you love and the ones you’ve discovered or are about to discover on AppSumo. Our platform is designed to streamline your workflows, reduce manual data entry, and ensure that your team has access to accurate, up-to-date information across all tools.

Definitely let us know if there’s another application you’d like us to connect to We’ll see what we can do to help you streamline data between all your favorite tools.

Don’t miss the opportunity to supercharge your productivity with and our new integrations. Whether you’re looking to clean up your email lists, generate and manage leads more effectively, centralize your business operations, or optimize your content creation process, has you covered. Take the first step towards a smoother and more effective workflow by giving a try. Join us on this exciting journey and enjoy the ride!

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